A Trusted Construction Management Company of the Carolinas

Our clients typically award Carmel Contractors a Construction Management contract based on our competitive fixed percentage of the project total cost including General Conditions and Insurance costs. We will then provide estimates, quantity calculations, subcontractor and material quotes to the owner and the design team to develop a project budget.

Carmel Contractors Professional Management team becomes active and involved at the onset of the project and is involved before design completion. This has advantages to our clients as follows:

  • Carmel works from a predetermined fee so there is never a competitive relationship with the owner.
  • Because Carmel gets involved in the project early, we can recommend adjustments to achieve higher value in the end result.
  • There is more flexibility for defining the project scope.
  • The owner has access to all construction costs.
  • Portions of the work can be bid at different times.
  • Carmel’s projects generally have fewer change orders because of our involvement early on in the project.
  • Carmel and our clients can evaluate risks and structure them accordingly.

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