Pre-Construction & General Contracting

More than a quick square footage estimate, we provide as complete a project feasibility analysis as possible. We review and explore all known site and building related issues, including permitting and regulatory matters.

Analyzing and documenting conditions and issues in the pre-construction phase will maximize a client’s investment. Taking the right steps during pre-construction is the most important component of delivering a first-class facility. Our accomplishments in this phase will produce the greatest opportunity in regards to a project’s design, scheduling, quality, and cost!

We can then partner with your pre-selected design team (or offer our own design-build services) and provide you with a full selection of General Contracting services including conceptual estimates, value engineering, planning, construction management, and scheduling for a total quality project delivery.

Once you have selected Carmel as your general contractor we will provide a detailed cost summary, a realistic schedule, and a fully committed project manager to handle all your needs.

We will review the cost summary with you in detail in order to identify any cost savings. We will not stop until you are satisfied. When you are ready, we are ready!

General Contractor